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Long Distance Movers

 Let’s be honest—long distance moving can make you feel overwhelmed. It’s a big deal, and at Move Quick we understand that. As an interstate moving company, we are tasked with coordinating moves across state lines, and we work hard to ensure the process runs smoothly from pick up to delivery. It’s why we’ll be at your side every step of the way, ensuring the move goes smoothly. With location all over the united states home base remains just a stones throw away. move quick inc
moving services in connecticut

The Best Residential and Commercial Moving Services

Exclusive 53ft Trailer

Residential Moving

We have move consultants standing by to assist your residential moving needs. From pickup to delivery we will help make sure your belongings arrive safely to your new home. Below you will see what is the benefits of getting an exclusive trailer.

  • All Standard Full service moving services
  • Full packing services included
  • No Bulky Item Fee’s
  • No Inventory – If it fits, It can come
  • Straight Delivery (Max 500 miles per day)

Shared Loads

Affordable Relocation Option

Affordable Relocation Options are important to you and they are important to us. Having helped people from all walks of life with relocation, We know the importance of having cost effective chooses. Below you will see what is not covered in your standard moving contract.

  • Packing of fragile or glass items
  • Television Boxes
  • Mattress Covers
  • Additional items not on the inventory list

Benefits of using Move Quick

An unyielding commitment to quality.

Sure you could pay your neighbor to pack up his truck to help you move OR end up with a couple of college coeds who have rented a van for the day showing up on your doorstep. Can they get the job done? Probably, but that doesn’t mean that they can move your belongings safely and securely but it does mean that they are almost certainly NOT INSURED! That means when your belongings get damaged, you have no guarantee of compensation.

If you’re looking for movers you can trust, movers whose living depends on your happiness with their service, give Move Quick a call. We are professional movers with professional equipment, insurance coverage, reputable employees, and a dedication to the work we do.

  •  Free Visual Estimates for our customers
  •  Military, Senior, First Responder discounts and many MORE!
  •  No additional Fuel Charges…. Ever!
  •  Up to 30 days Free Storage with FREE re delivery
  •  Change move dates freely
  •  Background checks on all of our employees. No Day Laborers

When you can take in to account all of the variables concerning your specific move and put together a estimate based on all the information this will ensure you the best rate. This is the major benefit of doing everything in house. First we calculate total space by the amount of belongings such as boxes, furniture and other miscellaneous items. Next we then take in to account any packing and materials that may be need to protect and prepare your items. Then we look at the route from origin to destination Once we have determined all of these factors we can look at the current schedule, finding the best spot at the most affordable rate. Ensuring all your specific needs are meet while saving the maximum amount possible.

If you decide to deal with a broker, you never know what your going to get. We are the movers and the people you speak to upon your initial call. We have been committed to making moving easier and safer for families since 2006. Our customers rest easy knowing that they are in safe hands of experts who have helped thousands of families move over the years. Although many things have changed since that first move, we understand that an individual’s basic needs for trust, respect and dependability have not.A long distance move can be overwhelming, but our ability to provide solutions to meet the challenges of your move is what separates Move Quick from the rest. We give you the time and attention you deserve and will always be professional, Courteous and respectful of all situations. Our movers have years of experience and the knowledge to handle  just about any challenges of your Long Distance Relocation.

Joseph G left this review on yelp

Move Quick is a moving company that brought professionalism back in style.They are very efficient movers that really go the extra mile.  To be honest, they made moving a simple process. I felt somewhat like a rock star as I sat and sipped my Starbucks, while the team of movers loaded the truck in an organized military fashion that even the toughest drill sergeants would be impressed. They arrived promptly on time, and one of the gentlemen instructed me to sit on down and sip my tea while they work their magic (sits down happily). They wrapped my kitchen items, had boxes with rails to hang my clothes, and unpacked my new place in no time.

This is not a moving company that plays games and moves slow to drive up the cost given that they work on a per hour basis. Move Quick was precise and efficient. I was so pleased with their work that I referred my mother for a local move and another friend to get a car moved. They too, were exceptionally pleased with the stellar degree of professionalism of move quick.

Moving forward (pun intended, lol), this is the one and only moving company that I will ever use for all of my moving/packing needs.They really took ALL of the stress out of moving, especially being a complainer, it’s a little harder, but they set up my living room, bedroom and did not leave until I was 100% happy with everything. I did not strain any back muscles trying to lift, pull, carry or tug anything, which is worth a celebratory glass of wine. Clinks glasses up in the air…cheers!!

Seriously, this is a moving company that goes the extra in all areas.Thomas and his team were simply phenomenal, kind and respectful to my home.They are reliable, honest, trustworthy professionals that have truly mastered the art of efficient moving.Thanks a million MOVE QUICK INC!!!!!!!