Moving Tips

Don't Wait to Book Your Move

Depending on the time of year you are moving, companies book up pretty quickly. Don't wait until last minute, because you may end up paying higher costs, or even worse, not being able to book your move. You should look into booking your move at least one month in advance – moving companies are busiest at the end of the month.

Buy High Quality Boxes

Although it may be seemingly cost effective to get free used boxes from local stores, sometimes this can actually end up tacking costs onto your move. If the free boxes are too flimsy, it will take time for your movers to reinforce them and pack them, adding time and money to your move. If you don't purchase boxes from the company directly, be sure they are from your local hardware or container store.

Free Moving Estimate

Make Sure You Give an Accurate Listing of Your Shipment to Your Moving Estimator

Whether its over the phone, or in-house the same fined tuned estimation software is used based off years of experience combined with DOT averages , so as long as your inventory is correct, your pricing will be too! We understand that getting an exact count of the boxes may be difficult but ask your certified relocation consultant for his advice, and remember its always better to over estimate instead of under estimate!

Pack Your Least-Used Items First

Don't pack up the entirety of your kitchen weeks before your move, or you'll be dining on takeout for far too long! Start by packing up knick knacks and other items you seldom use around the house, and save the frequently-used items for packing closer to the move date.

Don't Forget to Disconnect Utilities

You don't want to pay for an electric bill at a house you no longer live in – contact all gas, electric and other utility companies in advance to set up your disconnection date. You should also contact your service providers in your new location to set up your new connections

Read Your Contract

Many moving customers end up surprised at the end of their move because of 'hidden charges'. Many times, these charges are stated in the fine print of the contract – be sure to read through it carefully and ask any questions you have prior to signing.

Get Multiple Estimates

The only way you know you're getting the best deal is by comparison. Make sure you don't go with one moving company just because you think they are the cheapest – more times than not, there is a reason for that.

Pack a First Night Bag

If your household shipment won't arrive in your new home the day you do, be prepared with a 'first night survival kit' – a few changes of clothes, toiletries, towels, snacks, electronics, and anything else that you'll need to make it through the first few days in an empty home.

Downsize Your Belongings

The less you have, the less it will cost you to move! Before you get packing, sort through all of your belongings and see what you could do without. Once you have gone through everything, you can hold a yard sale, sell items online, or even donate to friends, family or your favoritecharity.

Get Your Mail Forwarded

You wouldn't want to miss important bills or other pieces of mail because you forgot to have it forwarded to your new location. You can head to your local post office, or even change your address online in the comfort of your home for just a small fee.

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